Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally, My Showcase is Done!

Well, it took forever but....

We finally got my dreamy, vintage showcase completed and...

actually in my space!  YAY!

I'm so sorry I forgot to take the before pictures.
(Don't you just hate when you do that?)
Trust me, it was pretty ugly.
I found it in a thrift store and totally saw its potential.

Like so many of you, I love finding a diamond in the rough and
hauling it, spending even more money repairing it,
ruining my finger nails while sanding and painting it,  
transforming it!

I'm guessing it's from the 50's or so.
It was covered in a weird brownish paint that I hoped
I could just prime and paint over but of course
once I got a closer look at home
I noticed the paint was pretty rubbery
and was already peeling off.
Then there were the missing glass doors,
and some wood rot around the bottom and...
well, you get the idea.

After a trip to the glass shop and tons of paint stripper
and tons of sanding and repairing and
(My Man even busted out the HVLP paint sprayer!)
and of course I gotta add my appliques....

It finally found its home in my space.

And that's a whole other story. 
Let's just say that I don't think my Husband wants to see another
tube of silicone for quite a while.

Have a Happy White Wednesday Everyone!

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  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous piece! It's so nice to see beautiful items restored and given new homes. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  2. Wow!!! missy that's an amazing show case. We are so looking forward to having you and your pretty things in our september 17th & 18th vintage marketplace. Job well done!!! Christie

  3. It's beautiful!!! It was totally worth all the work!!!

  4. Missy!!!!
    That piece is divine, I truly love all the work you both put into it. A reason for me to come visit:))) Have a wonderful day my sweet friend and it was worth the wait to see that.

    hugs & blessings

  5. Hey Missy,
    I just found out via FB that you are doing Christie and Rita's show :) awesome!


  6. Yes, it's beautiful. Love the appliques. It was well worth your effort to transform this beauty.

  7. This is a work or art! Great job!

  8. That is so beautiful! I love all the appliques you added, they really are gorgeous. Love your blog, new follower:)

  9. Absolutely BEAUTIFULL!!!
    Great job….
    Joy and Blessings,

  10. Hi Missy!
    Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. I'm glad you did so I could come over to see you. When I saw the showcase I gasped! WOW is an understatement. I can only image how yucky it looked before~ you described it very well. The transformation is beyond amazing. You did an incredible job. Now the only problem is always telling people it isn't for sale because you are going to have a TON of people wanting to buy it! I guess I am assuming you are just using it for display and rightly so. It looks fantastic in your space!
    So glad to meet you!

  11. Hi Missy!
    Oh my goodness I am in love with your over the moon beyond gorgeous display cabinet! I am so in awe of your creativity and ability to see such a diamond in the rough! I really makes the pretty pieces showcased inside say come on over - take a peek - and buy me :-)
    I enjoyed my visit and am your newest follower!
    Hugs and Smiles,

  12. FAB!!!!! It looks like a million!! Where is the store? I know you are in So Cali so hopefully it's not that far away from me. Regarding your question about my move: my sister is not moving to Argentina (she also thinks we are crazy! LOL!!) Following from now on, have no idea why I didn't do it before!

  13. Wowwwwwwww how beautiful this renovation turned out. I have a ton of projects I think you would be prefect for!


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