Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's Catch Up

Long time, no post huh?
Let's catch up.
First off, I realize that I already posted about
September's Chateau de Fleurs BUT
I never told you about the best part -
and the kindness of these wonderful women
should not go unnoticed.
They are much too sweet for that.

You may regocnize this beautiful gal,
this is Kate
from Salvage Dior.
She was SO SWEET to surprise me and
come to the show.

Even sweeter than that she brought me
a hand-made gift!

Personalized no less!

 Aren't these the cutest birdies?

 I can't decide which I like more...
the birdies or the butterflies.

 I think I just love them all the same!

Kate is just as friendly as you'd imagine
from reading her blog
Salvage Dior.
Head on over and you'll see what I mean,
I promise you'll be hooked after one post.

I also received another personalized, hand-made gift
from the lovely Rita Reade of Mammabellarte.

Rita is Christie Repasy's SNL (sister-in-law)
and they host this fabulous show together.
Rita made these adorable personalized
pendants for each and every one of us lucky vendors.

I'm so bummed I forgot to buy one of her
hand-made chains while I was there!

So for now, it's made its home on a safety pin
hooked to my mannequin.

I'm also bummed that I don't have a picture
of Rita to show you but you can find one
on Kate's post on Chateau de Fleurs.
One thing you can't capture in a photo
is Rita's awesome Italian accent!
I could just listen to her all day!

OK, next...

These are a couple of photos I took of my space
at a boutique I just did in Huntington Beach.

Unfortunately, the weather was so drizzly and dreary
that I didn't sell much that day.
BUT, at least I have a bunch of new stuff
for my space at Mission Galleria!

I'll be doing a WW post of new photos
of my space.

Thanks for stopping by!

Blessings to you,



  1. Ciao Missy! I should write LLIKE I TOK= like I talk (lol). Love your photos and the door with the chalk board and tin is one of my favorites. Have a great day, Ciao Rita

  2. Hi Missy ~ I would have loved to shop your booths!! Beautiful spaces full of wonderful white treasures!


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