Monday, April 4, 2011

Sweet Anne from Fiona & Twig

Hi all!  Just a quick post to share a giveaway offered by the sweetest and most humble blogger I know, Anne Lorys from Fiona & Twig

I'm sure most of you already know that she has a fabulous blog but one of her most recent accomplishments is that of a professional photographer.  Her work was just published in Romantic Country magazine!  I haven't gotten my copy yet but Anne has posted the beautiful pages and as a special treat, she is also posting many more amazing photographs from the shoot that weren't published.

Her giveaway is a SIGNED copy of the latest book by FIFI O'NEILL, Romantic Prairie Style! 

I sure hope I you win it!

Click here to enter!

And be sure to visit Fifi's blog to learn more about her fabulous book and Anne's blog to see just how wonderful she is (regardless of the giveaway!).

Have a super blessed week everyone!


P.S.  I promise I'm not a COMPLETE loser, I haven't forgotten about MY giveaway I promised!  I just have some serious disorganizational (that's a word, right?) issues to conquer.  ;).


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post!!!

    And speaking of beautiful, just look at you and your family over there on your sidebar...what a gorgeous bunch! :-)


  2. She does do fantastic work! I would love to get that gorgeous book.



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