Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks and The Lighting

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!

I had hoped to do a special post to show my sincere gratitude
for each and EVERY one of my blog friends and followers....
but I got a little too caught up in preparing for
the crowds that the lighting brings, that it just didn't happen.
This is, of course, no reflection of my gratitude for all of you.
I honestly, really do appreciate all of you and the time
you take to add comments. 
It means a lot to me, really.

So, what's this lighting all about?
Well, here in Riverside, CA, is the Historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa.
It is a beautiful place that's been here forever
(well, maybe not forever but a very, very long time -
that's why it's "historic")

Anyway, each year there is a big celebration
the day after Thanksgiving.
Huge, and I mean HUGE crowds fill the streets to witness
the lighing of the Mission Inn.
(which just happens to be directly across the street from
the Mission Galleria,
where my humble little space resides.)

And since there are HUGE crowds, that means TONS of people coming through my space.
So, my loving and devoted Husband went earlier in the day
(poor guy had to park far, far away,
since the streets were blocked off)
to bring in my fireplace mantle and some other pieces.
Then, we switched off so I could bring in the rest off the small stuff.

Our usual routine is that I go down to spruce up my space,
then he comes down later with the kids
so we can meet up and watch the lighting.
We get all bundled up because it's absolutely FrEEzing!
(OK fine, so 50 degress may not be freezing
where some of you are from
but for a California girl, that's pretty stinkin' cold!)
This time, little man, Jack was asleep in the stroller
so we stayed inside the Galleria to watch the show because
it gets pretty loud with the fireworks and all.

Yes, fireworks!  I told you it's a big deal!

Notice the crowds??

I have to be honest and tell you that all of these pictures,
except the family photo and my space,
were taken last year when we were able to watch from
the 2nd floor of the Mission Galleria.
This year the owner held a dinner for $20. a person,
which was a little too pricey for a family of five,
so my Husband fought the crowd so the girls could still see
while I stayed inside with Jack since he was asleep. 
So, I couldn't get any pictures of the show.

Well, back to my space....

I'm sooo glad I went down early, sooo many people came through my little space.
I sold the sweet child's table and chair set
my Man brought in 2 hours earlier.
The cutest couple bought it for their daughters.
They almost didn't know it came with TWO chairs
since I was sitting in one of them while
I was writing out my price tags...oops! 
We all got a good laugh out of that one!

Then a very nice woman put two items on layaway.
She loved the fireplace mantle we just brought in and
the black chandelier I did with vintage sheet music.
She got it for her granddaughter,
how sweet it that?
A few more things made their way to the check out as well.
I'm so glad the Lord blessed me with good sales that night.
I'm that much closer to my car payment, yay!

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Riverside.
No black Friday for this family!
It's so over-rated, don't you think?

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving,
full of love gratitude and love.



  1. Dear Missy, your post pictures are amazing! what a sweet family you have and the Mission Inn photos were just stunning! You booth is gorgeous in the pictures and I'm so glad God blessed your sales. See you soon, Christie

  2. Your space looks incredible Missy! The lights, the fireworks so pretty. Rita

  3. Missy
    your space is absolutely beautiful!!! I love all of the whites. Great photos of the Mission Inn. I have done weddings there in the past. I too am glad that you were so very blessed. God is good and so faithful!!! Have a wonderful weekend to you and yours.


  4. Hi Missy,
    I love your space...I really love the tree on the mani stand too clever my friend :) I am looking forward to seeing everyone this week and hope to make some extra cash too at the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, see ou soon.


  5. Your space looks great!!!
    I was there with my hubby & girls too to see the Festival of Lights. Our first year doing it. I didn't realize how many people would be there. There came a moment when we couldn't even move!!! Hope you sold many many goodies!!!

  6. Hi Missy ~ your space looks so fabulous!! A wonderful white winter wonderland!! You always inspire me!!

  7. Missy, your blog is so charming and full of inspiration. I love this post, so pretty!


  8. Oh I just love your booth, I hope you sold lots of lovely things. Cute crowns, I will be back to look through your blog, for now I will add you to my blog roll so you won't be far. Have a wonderful day.

  9. I`m SOO glad I got to see it that night in person -- looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    You always do amazing work,so creative!!!
    "Love you<3!!"

  10. Missy... you have a great space there! Love all the whites! And just to clarify... 50 degrees IS cold... even in TN! LOL! Love all the pics from the Christmas celebration... how fun!

    Nice to meet you!!


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