Wednesday, November 17, 2010

White Wednesday #8

Hi friends!
This week's White Wednesday is going to
feature pictures from my last show,
Tell Me About the Good Ole Days.

We all had a great time.
It's a great group of ladies,
a lot of us also do Christie's show,
Chateau de Fleurs.
I'll share the pictures of their beautiful
spaces in another post.
(by the way, the next show is coming up quickly...
December 3  & 4th)

OK, back to White Wednesday.
So, here come the whites...

 This is a small shabby dresser that
I really debated on whether or not add appliques.
But I'm so glad I did!
I really like how it turned out!
What do you think?

When I started using appliques,
(which was almost 9 years ago)
I always saved them for certain nicer pieces,
partly because they're so costly.
But now I choose pieces based on the character
I think they'll show once they're
all dressed up with a pretty applique (or 2, or 3!)

 I love this little table,
it's so dainty.
I love the criss-cross pieces
that brace the legs at the bottom.

 Those tiny chairs are actually place card holders.
I picked them up at Michael's years ago and
I finally got around to painting and antiquing them.
They started out with a super shiny silver finish.
I had two sets and another dealer bought one of them
to hold her business cards at her shows.
They look so cute with her jewelry displays.

 This started out as an old cabinet door and
was really not cute at all.
I added one of my favorite appliques, a basket of roses,
 and that tiny beaded trim...yes, I painstakingly added
it in LOTS of small pieces.  
Those darn brittle pieces just kept breaking! 
Then I kept painting, sanding, and antiquing until
I finally was happy with the finish.
Sometimes it takes me a while to get things
just how I want them.
That's what is so great about transforming things,
you just keep working with it until you like it.
And it's only paint right?
How many times have you painted something or
recovered the same piece...
over and over and over again?!?!

This used to be a funky sort of candle sconce.
I pulled the weird miniature shelf thingy sticking out of it,
that held the little wooden candle cup.
Then I added the applique, a large glass knob for a hook
and had my Husband counter sink holes
(see how there's a little hole that is sunk down into the bigger hole?)
that way, when you put screws in the hang it,
they will "sink" into the hole and be flush
with the surface rather than protrude out.
Then you just touch up the screws with a little paint
and they just about dissappear.

 I love the legs on this curvy table.
The mirror is something I found as is.
It's a little on the heavy side but I love the curves
and the the rose etchings on the glass.

These are some candle holders I made out of
old wooden post pieces.
You can see their transformation here.

 This is a little children's table and chair set
I did a while back.

 Now here's another bunch of lovely whites for ya'!
That's the chalkboard door my Man made.
I just kept bringing him junk to add to it
and he found a way to make it all work!
You can't see it very well but there's an old ceiling tin
that fit just perfectly in the bottom panel.
We had so much fun creating this together.
The cutest couple ended up buying it as we
were packing up on the last day.
I hope they enjoy using it as much as
we did creating it!

Well, I guess that just about does it for the whites.
I'll close out this post with this cute little piece
made from another old cabinet door.

Love you all!

Now go check out all the beautiful expressions of whites
as Kathleen hosts another fabulous White Wednesday at

Hope everyone has an awesome week.

Isaiah 1:18



  1. My goodness, such beautiful whites!
    I love all your pieces, you certainly are talented. :-)

  2. I would have loved to shop there! Love all your treasures!!

  3. Missy
    All of your divine whites are simply beautiful. I love all of the vignettes that you put together. Sending you much love and prayers for the holiday season. I bet you are BUSY getting ready for Christie's show:)


  4. After 14 years...yes, 14! there is no more soccer in my life (my kids lives actually) so I think I will try to come by and enjoy the next show. Looks like you are going to have a lot of yummy stuff!!!

  5. Just gorgeous!! For those of us too far away to shop from you, do you sell the appliques?

  6. Love all your white pieces! Yes, appliques are pricey, but they really do add something special to furniture. Thanks for sharing the memory about your adult tricycle! Truly special. My kids are too old now to take them for a ride, so I'm just enjoying it solo!

  7. Missy, thanks for stopping by! I do love Z Galleries and heard they had some brown trees a few years back. Hate that I missed them! As for all of your whites? Love them! ~Mindy


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