Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Space at Mission Galleria!

Why does everything take longer than I think it will?  I've had the plans in my head for weeks now and of course not everything is going according to those plans.  If money were no object my dream space would be realized... but I'm still excited and it is definitely coming along! 

I found an awesome old, vintage showcase that my husband and I have been working on.  I have big plans for it too so I think it will look beautiful when it's all done.  And did I take before photos?  Of course not.  Oh, well, so is the life of One Blessed Mommie trying to live out her dream of having a beautiful shop one day, living vicariously through  my little ol' space at the Mission Galleria I call Chateau Chic Boutique.

I will post pictures soon....