Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally, My Showcase is Done!

Well, it took forever but....

We finally got my dreamy, vintage showcase completed and...

actually in my space!  YAY!

I'm so sorry I forgot to take the before pictures.
(Don't you just hate when you do that?)
Trust me, it was pretty ugly.
I found it in a thrift store and totally saw its potential.

Like so many of you, I love finding a diamond in the rough and
hauling it, spending even more money repairing it,
ruining my finger nails while sanding and painting it,  
transforming it!

I'm guessing it's from the 50's or so.
It was covered in a weird brownish paint that I hoped
I could just prime and paint over but of course
once I got a closer look at home
I noticed the paint was pretty rubbery
and was already peeling off.
Then there were the missing glass doors,
and some wood rot around the bottom and...
well, you get the idea.

After a trip to the glass shop and tons of paint stripper
and tons of sanding and repairing and
(My Man even busted out the HVLP paint sprayer!)
and of course I gotta add my appliques....

It finally found its home in my space.

And that's a whole other story. 
Let's just say that I don't think my Husband wants to see another
tube of silicone for quite a while.

Have a Happy White Wednesday Everyone!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Doors!

I've had plans forever to put up some old doors in my space. 

So I (my Man) drug out a couple of them to the patio
for me to work on.

I grabbed some old sheet music and Mod Podge and went to town!

I decided to fill in the recessed panels on this one.

I like that the original crusty, rusty hinges are still attached.

One of the doors had the coolest crackled paint
that I just couldn't cover up so...
I decided to cover everything BUT the recessed panels.
I've got tons of sheet music,
some with words and some without.
I actually love the words to some of these old songs.

It reminds me of old movies and musicals.
I have so many fun memories of watching them
with my Grandma, Fathe.

Don't you just love the crackled paint?
It's even on the metal plate.

They don't look like it in these pictures but
these are matching doors.
I got them at a yard sale a while back.
The guy said they came from the home
he grew up in here in Riverside.

I really enjoy knowing a little something about old things I get.
Even if I end up making a few improvements to them!

Happy White Wednesday everyone!

Sorry I missed last week but I had forgotten to
take after photos so we had to go back down
to my space at Mission Galleria and
pull all the doors back out to take the pictures!
And my husband didn't even mind,
have I told you how awesome he is?

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Salvage Dior's Birthday Giveaway!

Kate from Salvage Dior is having a giveaway
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It's HER birthday and she's giving away
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Happy Sunday!

The Lord is good.