Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a Fabulous Show It Was!

Oh my goodness!
It was better than I imagined.
In fact, it was my best show ever! 
If you missed it, you sure missed out.

The Vintage Marketplace at The Oaks

Christie and Rita out-did themselves again.  Everything was great - the beautiful weather, the food from Rainbow Oaks Restaurant, my fellow vendors, and of course the customers!  The Lord really answered many faithful prayers and it was truly a blessed weekend.

I got pretty emptied out the first day, which was great but I felt it was a little sparce for Saturday.  This show I really tried to save money on gas and get more sleep plan things out better to be more effecient by staying the night out there rather than making the 100 mile round trip three times.  I didn't stay the first night (set up day) because I really, really need my Husband's help to set up.  On the first day of the show I did plan on staying the night at my BFF/SNL's house near by.  But when I sold so much the first day I felt I had to come back home for more stuff.  But my Husband absolutely forbade me to make the drive.  He knew I needed the sleep (since I had only gotten 4 hours in the last 2 days) and as far as not having much for the second day of the sale?  "That's what's supposed to happen - you're there to sell your stuff!"  He was so right, I know I would've stayed up way to late getting more stuff ready - and it was sooo nice to get some much needed sleep that night.  In fact, I overslept almost an hour!  If he hadn't called to see how I was doing I would've probably slept all day!  Well, maybe not all day but at least all morning.  ;).

Anyway, enough of that, let's get to the fun part.  Here's my space.

I figured out how to add my name to the photos.  Go ahead and laugh.  I never said I was smart with computers or photo editing.

This is the second vintage vanity stool I've made like this and they never make it back on the truck.

I still have my folding screen I painstakingly covered with vintage sheet music.  Yes, I'm whining about it - it was a lot of work!  I don't just throw it on, I really do spend a lot of time choosing the sheets and arranging them by their varying shades and lyrics.  OK, I'm done now, I can move on....really.
I'd take it home and keep it for myself but unfortunately my son colors every surface in our house with anything he can get his little hands on....I'm so not kidding.
The white chaise went pretty quickly to a customer that couldn't wait to lay out and relax on it at home!

This is the first time I've ever brought a folding table to put my stuff on.  I kind of like how easy it made some of the set up but I really did because lugging heavy furniture on and off the truck is so hard!  Furniture is what I love to to fix up the most but larger pieces rarely sell at these types of sales.  Customers can't just stick them in the back of their cars like a chair or small table.  Although I prefer to display my smaller items on the furniture I refurbish, I may be able to live with the covered folding tables.  Now that I think of it, it sure saved me A LOT of time, too.

I LOVE the way this little box with drawers turned out.  I plan on showing the before and afters of some of these creations later.

This is my absolute favorite project I did for the sale.  Aqua is one of my favorite colors and I always hesitate painting anything that color because I don't know how likely it will sell.  My Husband loved it too so I told him if it didn't sell we'd keep for our bedroom, it matched perfectly.  Well, surprisingly enough it was a big hit!  I was sad to see it go but happy so many people were lined up to buy it and the other boxes and drawers as well.

 This little curio was a labor of love but didn't sell at the show so it will be going in my booth this week.
I also came back with this large wall shelf so it, too, is going in my space at the Mission Galleria.

These pretties will be available in my space, too.  I finally added the rest of the sheet music crystals to my chandelier.  These seem to sell pretty quickly so I'm sure it will be gone soon!

This chalkboard headboard was such a fun project for Wayne and me to create together.  I'd say we make a pretty good team.  He is so supportive of everything I do.  I have to say I'm pretty blessed.  ;).

This little magazine table went home with a happy customer.

Sheila from Tattered Goods had her eye on the chalkboard door.

I ended up trading my ceiling tin mirror for a one-of-a-kind, custom necklace by a customer named Denise.  I going to email her as soon as I decide what I want it to say!

this photo courtesy of Sherry at GOT ART

That's what I got of my space.  I did manage to take a couple of photos of this amazing mannequin created by Denise of White Horse Relics.  You just won't believe it.

Is that not crazy?  Denise from White Horse Relics is so super talented.  I just love her stuff.  You'll have to check out her blog - I added a link below.

Well, that's me in my space.  The sweet and lovely photgrapher, Claire Brocato, made her rounds snapping up photos of us vendors.  You can check out a lot more at

There are also a ton more photos and posts about the show....

The Hostesses with the Mostesses:

And some of my Favorite Vendors:

Awesome Customers:

I will be adding more links as I come across them.  There are so many amazing and talent vendors at this show.  Christie and Rita (and Dean) are just the BEST!  I am so blessed to be a part of this show. 

It's the best show ever!

Be sure to join us again in September.

Have a super blessed week everyone!