Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Get Outta This Funk and a Giveaway Tease...

Hello ladies!  I've been dreading a new post, my first of 2011.  I can't really explain why.  I guess I've been in some kind of funk and haven't figured out how to escape.  For some weird reason I put all this unncessary pressure on myself to be BIGGER and BETTER this year.

Well, all that did was put me in a paralyzing rut!  I've had plans for so long to give my blog a makeover.  Nothing super spectacular but it would be nice to use the font that took me 384 hours to decide on and cost me $25.00.  Yes, I know, it didn't brake the bank but it's a pretty penny for some scrolly letters that no one will notice, but me, how special the capital C's and B's are and how the little q swoops rather than points.

I also would LOVE to sport a fancy new header with the same cute curvy shape I got for punching my price tags.  And of course pictures of my stuff in the background and matching dividers and titles and a personalized signature and.....

So, how could I dare start off the new year without all that cool stuff?  Everyone's blogs are getting makeovers and mine still looks the same from day one, minus a few cute buttons and the super cool damask background I got for free.  Don't get me wrong, I love those buttons and the background totally fits me and my stuff.

AND...could I dare announce or even post a TEASE for my very FIRST GIVEAWAY ever without all that either?  Well, you know what?  I'm doing it anyway...

Chateau Chic Boutique is SO very pleased to announce that I now have over 100 FOLLOWERS!  For me, this is HUGE.  I want to celebrate this acheivement with all of you, my awesome followers, by doing a GIVEAWAY!!!

That's right, a giveaway.  I'll be giving more of those details soon.  If you want you can subscribe to my new posts by entering your email address in the box to the left.  Whenever I have a new post it will be sent right to your email inbox.  I LOVE those things, it makes it so easy for me and I don't know about you but in my crazy, busy life, anything that will make my life easier, I love!

Well, here's to escaping my rut and just going for it without trying to be perfect!

I pray you all have a super blessed day!
(and stop worrying about being perfect, too)