Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Love Old Boxes

Happy White Wednesday Everyone!

I just LOVE old boxes.

And you know I love appliques.

I saw this old box and had to have it.

What's one more old box I say?

It looked like a project someone made
in a woodshop class
that needed a little facelift.

You could tell it had gotten some use
and it was kind of a little...well, smelly.

Nothing too bad some Kilz primer couldn't hide.

But it just looked too plain inside.

So I decided to add some vintage sheet music.

Now I love it even more!

A little antiquing,
a little sanding....

and finished off with a sparkly glass knob.

Now I'm not so sure I can part with this one.

I have so much stuff I could stow away in this box
and it would look so pretty on my dresser!

We'll see, maybe I'll just borrow it until
I finish the next little old box I'm working on!

Happy White Wednesday everyone!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

White Wednesday #3

I know I'm a little late....but sometimes
I just can't seem to get it together in time.

I thought I didn't have anything good enough
for White Wednesday
but I'm gonna go for it anyway.

If you're like me and get super happy about a great deal,
(or "score" as my junkin' friend Margaret and I like to say),
I'm sure you can appreciate this one.

 I love going on the last day of an estate sale
to rummage through all the junk that's left over.

 You can get some pretty good deals,
like this awesome old french door.

There it was, all lonely, leaning on its side
against an old tree stump with grass growing through it.

It's beyond chippy....
you just can't make this kinda chippy.

Dontcha just love the old rusty latch?

and the old rusty hinges...

and check out the original old door knob and back plate.
And the best part about this door?

Remember how I told you I scored?

This awesome, rusty, crusty, chippy, old french door
cost me a whole dollar!

But honestly, the very best part about it
was that I wouldn't have been able to get it at all
if it weren't for My Man, who's way more awesome
than any old door.

There was no way it was fitting in my suburban with all three kids.

Believe me, I can cram A LOT of junk in my car.

I'm sure you know how creative us junkers can be when
we really, really want something.

My fabulous Husband came to my rescue
(when he should've been getting himself lunch)
and met up with me and the kids
to throw this old door in the back of his truck.

The sweetest part about this whole story?

The very next day,
while he was at the dump,
he grabbed another old french door for me!


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy White Wednesday!

I just finished these chunky, chippy candleholders.

Aren't they pretty?

Well, they didn't start out very pretty....

They actually started out as two pieces of an old post. 

I thought three was better than two so...
My man got out the miter saw and cut one of the pieces into two - one medium, one small.


At first, I kinda did like them just as I found them with their original white, chippy paint but
you know how I LOVE to put appliques on stuff.

I knew I had some rose drops with bows
but when I went digging through my appliques
I was so excited to find
that I had them in three different sizes! 


I, (that's cute...), I mean, My Man, added some nails to the top
to hold some candles.

I also had to add a little more paint to the top
after I painted the appliques.

And of course a little sanding.

So, now we have a pretty shabby set of three
chunky, chippy candleholders
with beautiful rose drop appliques.

Happy White Wednesday everyone!

Thank you Kathleen from Faded Charm

for hosting another fabulous White Wednesday!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My First White Wednesday Post!

I decided at the last minute to change my new post
into my very FIRST White Wednesday post!

Finally, some pictures from my new space!
Although I have since changed out my window,

I decided to go ahead and post some pictures I took of
my new booth at Mission Galleria.

This is the awesome platform My Man built and painted for me!

That's ONE of the BIG plans I have that
we were actually able to accomplish so far.

The pretty little magazine side table
with the lovely basket applique has sold. 

The beautiful mail box in this next shot was actually hand-painted
by none other than the amazingly talented Lori Gutierrez.

You can check out her BLOG here and
her etsy here.

Everything is still not complete,
the progress has been a little slow.

I always have BIG plans and GREAT ideas. 

It's like I have more ideas than time.

But like I always seem to say...

with three crazy and beautiful kids (and my Husband, too!)

I'm pretty busy most of the time!

As soon as I get all the silicone cleaned of my super cool showcase
(that's a whole story in itself),

I'll post some pictures of it and maybe by then
we'll have the old doors set up, too! 

And fabric in the window, my Chateau Chic Boutique logo sign, and.....well, you get the idea!

Thank you Kathleen from Faded Charm
for hosting another fabulous White Wednesday!
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