Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finally My Chateau de Fleurs Post!

I'm finally posting about Chateau de Fleurs!

It was a great time with really great people
from the hosts, to the vendors
and to all the wonderful customers we met.
Christie and Rita are wonderful hosts!

Remember that our truck had to be repaired
during the week of the show?
Well, that got us a little behind so we weren't able
to make a second trip with our stuff...bummer.
that meant we had to bring it Friday morning,
the first day of the show. 
Yeah, not fun.
Since everyone else was set up we
couldn't back our truck up to unload,
unless we backed over everyone else's stuff
and I don't think they'd appreciate that very much.

But in the end, after a LOT of trips down the long driveway,
we got it all in.

My friend, Arlene, from Garden Gate Boutique,
shared a space with me.

Here's our spot the first day.

Just to make it harder on ourselves,
on Saturday we decided to change it all around.
Everyone thought we were crazy to do all that work again!

We always do that, we get an idea that something would
look better somewhere else then the next thing
you know we're rearranging everything!

So, here it is the second day.
I realize it looks a little crowded
but the close up pictures look a lot better.

This is the black and white arrangement
we moved up front.
I really like how my floor screen turned out
with the vintage sheet music.
It's too hard to see in this picture but
the top of the vanity has sheet music as well.

This was the middle of the space,
there was a lot more room to walk around
after we rearranged everything.

I love my hot pink chandelier
with Arlene's hot pink lace panel.

This is Arlene's vanity display.
It turned out really cute!

This is a silverware tray I loaded up
with appliques.
It was so tideous but I love the way
it turned out!
Here's the black and white display in the back.
Those are my sheet music doors I did
I use them as a wall in my space at the Galleria.
I was asked several times if they were
for sale but I just can't part with them for now!
Tons of people were interested in this old,
crusty, rusty vintage medicine cabinet but
this little beauty was picked by Christie.
You just might see it all fancied up

I have a few more photos I'm going to share
in another post but in the meantime,
I hope you enjoyed these!

Have a super blessed day all you blogging chickies!



  1. Hi Missy! You ladies worked so hard...the space looked incredible both days. I am glad you had a good time and thank you for been part of the Chateau. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. Hi Missy ...

    I didn't get back to chat with you ..But I wanted you to know your booth was just Beautiful. I didn't even realize you were sharing ..silly me ..and you girls did an awesome job !!!

    Our truck broke down on Tuesday night ...and we had our trailer full and hooked to it. So off the trailer came and the truck went in the shop wednesday..Luckily we were a few days ahead to set up ...but we know how those things go.

    Hope to see you in Dec.

    Blessings ..Sara

  3. Hi Missy! It all looks great, I'm sure you did wonderful. The space looks super full, I can't even imagine if the truck had been working well. LOL!!!

  4. WOW Missy, your booth looks gorgeous!
    Your personal creations give your display such a unique look!

    Great Job!

  5. Hey Missy,
    I love all the shots you looks so different when you view it from a picture. I loved seeing you at the show, I am hoping for the December show that all goes way smoother for all us girls and that life doesn't get in the way of uor plans (hehehe) lol. I hope your week has been good thus far...blessings to you and your family.

    Smiles and Hugs,

  6. Your booth looked great!!I am exhausted and still running on empty!!. I need more coffee. we still have 2 more loads to get,lol.

  7. Oh Missy it looks fabulous!! I would love to have the chance to shop in a space like that!!

    Loving your music this morning!!

  8. ...oh how much fun does this look??? I spied soooooo many pretties ~ I really must get to one of these shows as you talented girls make it look simply irresistable!!
    xo, Rosemary

  9. You did an awesome job girlfriend!
    Love you<3!

  10. Oh what a lovely booth you and your friend had! Where exactly was that? Just curious coz I live in San Diego. Saying 'hi' from White Wednesday.

  11. Such a fun space you had for the French inspired garden event!
    Hope to see you again soon!!

    Kay Ellen

  12. Loved your space and you girls were too cute!!
    Don't know if I can part with the beautiful white slip I bought from you!! Hope to see you
    again in December...wish our spaces were closer


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