Sunday, January 15, 2012

Painting With Friends

Today I took my second painting class taught by Christie Repasy.  You may (hello?  who doesn't?) know her from her amazing rose paintings both on canvas and furniture.  The painting style she taught today is called "grisaille".  It is a term used for painting in a monochromatic color scheme, usually in shades of grey.  I prefer shades in sepia and taupe, today I went with taupe.

We had such a great time, laughing, painting and eating.  The food is always so incredible at these classes, it's a wonder we finish our projects.

Here's Christie teaching us all about color value and light source....huh?  Just kidding, she actually is an excellent teacher and knows how explain so that we can understand it.

Yep, that's me.  But more importantly, the fabric hanging behind me is an example of monochromatic painting done in sepia tones.  Love it!

Hey, I'm actually doing it!

 Here's Amber's finished painting.  Can you believe this was her first class?

Look, I did it - yay!

After class was over, we hung out and gabbed for a couple more hours about the upcoming show (The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks).  Christie and Rita sure know how to host a show.  It's hard to believe that it began with 11 vendors at Christie's home and now there's 40 of us!

It was a great day painting with friends.